«Alprausch is influenced by our surroundings, because, well ... Switzerland itself is inspiring.»

Waiting for the first snow to fall – the skis and boards are waxed and ready for the snowy slopes, but your local weather report won’t tell you any good news. Don’t let that get you, adventure’s right around the corner! 

It’s easy. Take one of our many Swiss cableways, and in just a few minutes the sky opens up. Suddenly, you find yourself in a unexpected winter wonderland far away from the grey and foggy everyday life. There’s that distinct smell of burning wood in the air and the muffled, cracking sounds underneath your boots will take you to a whole other state of mind. 

It’s the season of layering, and we at Alprausch know quite so- mething about that. We’ve got you covered from your undies to your jacket, using only materials that we know will make you feel comfortable and warm so that you can get the best out of winter, whether you spend it indoors or outdoors. After all, winter offers endless opportunities – all you have to do is to get going and explore them! 


Since the beginning of Alprausch, we have placed great value on sustainability, proper materials and fair working conditions.

Being a family business, we really care about the way our products are created and how the people who make them are treated. That is why 85% of our products are made in Europe, mostly in Portugal and according to European standards. Our leather products are produced in Turkey and most of our accessories in Bali – all our bags and scarves are produced by hand by a local Balinese family.

All these producers are working with us for a long time now, and we are happy to have them in the Alprausch Team. We choose new producers after a long process of evaluation, afterall our aim is that our products can be worn and used with a clear conscience and accompany your everyday journeys for years to come.


What started as a local Swiss project in 2001, Alprausch has slowly spread into a global phenomenon. Though the company has matured internally, we run by the same philosophy and principles we started with. It is our true intention to share with the world all of the things that make our everyday lives so special.

Enjoying a sharp contrast to other brands, fans are reminded every season that, Alprausch is a family of people not willing to give in to fashion dictated by the masses. Creativity, style, fit and function, these are attributes that we feel make clothing special. By working with our own ideas and style, we have created a line of clothing that is often times viewed as somewhat avantgarde. By embedding positive Swiss ideals into inspirational styles, our goal, is to offer a concept and a story to people who posses originality and the need to live and dress apart from the rest.